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WooCommerce vs Groovekart Review

Groovekart is the e-commerce solution from GroovePages that is a part of their overall suite of tools. WooCommerce is an Add On that you can use to add e-commerce to your WordPress website.

At Spider Web Design we offer both GroovePages and WordPress website design and development that includes branding, logos, SEO  optimization, with a User Friendly experience at the forefront of all out designs so that you have your choice of e-commerce platforms on which to build your online business.

We want to help to help you create a online business that is focused on your customer, their experience, and how this journey delivers revenue and ROI to you and your organization. Hopefully this post will help you decide which solution is best for your business.

No e-commerce software will be ideal for every user or situation. Because of this, it is best to use a structured process to determine what e-commerce platform will work best for your individual needs.

Don’t just ask yourself what is GrooveKart or WooCommerce and how can it help me. Instead of jumping into the review of GrooveKart or WooCommerce as your online store solution, start by documenting your individual needs. Consider functionality, theme availability, documentation, and support. Once you have this list well documented, compare it to a variety of solutions to see if GrooveKart or WooCommerce meet your requirements.

From a simple landing page to an advanced e-Commerce solution with an integrated forum or membership website, we can create the best solution to meet your marketing goals and objectives. If you have something unique you’d like to create, we’ll produce it for you. Since we can build store on either with either GrooveKart or WooCommerce we can help provide you with the best solution for you.

All of our custom website design and development projects follow a structured process that helps us execute your project on-time and on-budget. Each project is led by a dedicated project manager, who will coordinate a project team that includes an SEO expert, graphic designer, content manager, and a front and backend coding team if needed.

WordPress Vs GroovePages

First, let’s talk about the platforms that both GrooveKart and Woocommerce are built upon, Both WordPress and GroovePages are web based software that you can use to build E-commerce websites and more.

WordPress started as a blogging software system but has progressed to become the largest CMS (Content Management System) in the world with over 25 million users.

GroovePages is a cloud based technology platform that is still in Beta at the time of this writing with their entire suite of tools will be brought online over the next few months.

WordPress has thousands of plug-ins and add on like WooCommerce that we can use to build a custom site designed to handle your needs.

GroovePages cloud based platform does not currently offer all the plug ins but that is partly because when they bring a tool like GrooveKart online it does not need any additional add ons.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform. It’s a WordPress plugin that will turn your website into a very powerful online store. Unlike Shopify, CommerceHQ, Bigcommerce, and other competitiors, WooCommerc is an open-source solution. But what does this mean?

Both WordPress and WooCommerce are free for your use. So, you can install and start using them immediately. This doesn’t include a domain, hosting, email, theme, support etc. In other words, you’ll have to consider additional expenses into your cost analysis.  Most of these features are included at no extra costs in other e-commece platforms like Shopify but come with a monthly or annual price.

If you are considering launching an online store on WooCommerce, you’ll be presented with many software options for building out your storefront. These choices, while initially will feel like a windfall, can quickly feel overwhelming due to the multitude of ecommerce options available.

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce platform that’s built specifically for WordPress. It lets you sell physical and digital products as well as affiliated products from certain marketplaces.

In terms of payment solutions, WooCommerce can integrate with Stripe and comes bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments), BACS, and cash on delivery for accepting payments. Paypal does take a fee for processing transactions.

WooCommerce also integrates with hundreds of solutions, including Facebook, Zapier, MailChimp, Square, Stripe, Fulfilment by Amazon, and more.

What is Groovekart

GrooveKart is a new eCommerce platform which solves the so-called simple” complexity of WooCommerce or Shopify’s e-commerce platforms.

Unlike WooCommerce, GrooveKart has everything built-in.

This means: You don’t need to separately pay for and install dozens of apps and expensive themes on your store. Which reduces the page loading speeds which helps with SEO and conversions as well as expenses.

Design: Because of GroovePages we can literally copy any other websites theme so no need to buy a premium theme. If you want your page to look like websites that cost hundreds of thousands to build Groovepages can do that for you. GrooveKart also has a full-blown and of course FREE page builder through which you can easily create beautiful landing pages for your products.

Payment Providers: GrooveKart accepts payments from Paypal, Stripe and also GroovePay and Authorize.net. The cost of GrooveKart if you are on a paid plan is offset by GroovePay. Which also has the extra added benefit of not having hold times on your money like what Paypal is infamous for. We never understand why anyone charges you fees when you bring your own merchant account. Isn’t that what your monthly subscription is for? At GrooveKart they don’t nickel and dime you so the dollars can take care of themselves.

GrooveKart has multiple payment options available and if you have one of GroovePages lifetime plans GrooveKart is free for life. All lifetime users are allowed to have one free GrooveKart account.

Money Back Guarantee: GrooveKart provides a 30 days, 100% money-back guarantee. Their guarantee period starts immediately after purchase. Therefore, if the platform does not provide exactly what you are looking for, you will just need to email their customer support for the refund – you have to do that within 30 days.

So What is WooCommerce and GrooveKart Really?

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It has been downloaded over thirteen million times and operates over 37% of all online stores. When installed into a WordPress website, WooCommerce adds in basic product management, order processing, and shopping cart functionality. It is a trusted site.

WooCommerce can create a basic online store and sell a variety of products and services that include physical goods, digital goods, and ongoing memberships. The software can manage essential e-commerce features like international customers, inventory management, sales tax management, shipping cost calculations, and coupons.

GrooveKart is is a brand new e-commerce platform that offers incredible features at a extremely reasonable price. The first thing that you will realize about the platform is that it does not require the user to download any applications or plug-ins but you can integrate outside platforms like Mailchimp into it should you wish. However, as a Groove user you can incorporate Groovemail and other Groove Apps into the store with no additional cost.

Groovepages Groovefunnels price savings

The features GrooveKart provides cover everything you would expect a premium online store to provide. That is unlikely on most e-commerce stores, which require the user to download applications at additional prices. From the social proof to higher converting templates, reviews, and many other features, the platform has everything you need a few clicks away.

Top WooCommerce and GrooveKart Competitors

WooCommerce and GrooveKart have a lot of other competitors that can range from free, open source software to large enterprise level solutions. The most popular and closely related shopping cart packages such as:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • CommerceHQ
  • WP e-Commerce
  • Ecwid

WooCommerce’s and GrooveKart Pros and Cons

Just like any piece of software, WooCommerce and GrooveKart both have a variety of pluses and minuses going for them. These vary by individual, but they should be considered prior to selecting WooCommerce or GrooveKart as your e-commerce solution.

Woo Commerce Pros

  • The core WooCommerce software is open source and free.
  • The WooCommerce plugin is fairly easy to installed into WordPress.
  • There are a lot of WordPress themes available for building out the storefront. Some of these are free but the better ones come with a cost.
  • WooCommerce has over 300 extensions available for making the base functionality more robust.
  • The software is frequently updated for new features and functions.
  • There are lots of WordPress developers available to provide assistance.

GrooveKart Pros

  • GrooveKart is a part of an entire suite of tools that are included in the price. No need to pay for an autoresponder or e-mail system, a membership management system or a video hosting platform. They actually will have over 20 different such features after they come out of Beta
  • GrooveKart has a lot of built in apps saving HUGE on app costs. A small list of the apps which you can use are order bumps, scarcity and urgency, social proof, import reviews, bundles, 1click upsells, currency converter and the list goes on.
  • GrooveKart is easy to use and set up.
  • We can build your store by either creating your own personal theme from scratch or with one of the done for you free templates or we can copy the theme of any website you like on the web all for free.
  • The software is frequently updated for new features and functions.
  • There are lots of GrooveKart members available to provide assistance with a robust Facebook group as well as dedicated support from Groove.
  • Your GroovePages website will be lighting fast.
  • Groovekart is designed for Mobile. No more need for additional apps to be sure your site performs well on mobile.
  • One Click Shopify Import feature.

WooCommerce Cons

  • Almost every website will require an extension and these plugins cost money and may require an annual license purchase.
  • People new to ecommerce completely underestimate the time involved in setting up an online store on WordPress and WooCommerce. There are a lot of usage considerations, settings, and functionality decisions required for managing customers, orders, inventory, sales tax, and shipping.
  • Not all WooCommerce themes are properly coded and/or are robust. This is the nature of WordPress and theme buyers need to make sure they purchase templates from trustworthy theme developers.
  • The Plug ins you add to be able to use your customized store may slow down the speed of your website. People like a fast website. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load you will be  losing customers.
  • Software updates can be major endeavors which can sometimes require a developer to assist in execution, testing, and troubleshooting.
  • Some WordPress designs are not mobile friendly.
  • The support forum on WordPress.org is not well maintained. There are a lot of support tickets entered in the last month that have not been responded to by the Automatic support team.

GrooveKart Cons

  • Groove is a new company with unproven technology. It’s founders do have a long track record of providing good software with other companies like Kartra though. Still it is new and in Beta.
  • GrooveKart is only free for Platinum lifetime members. It comes with an annual, quarterly or monthly charge if you are not a platinum member.
  • Not all WooCommerce themes are properly coded and/or are robust. This is the nature of WordPress and theme buyers need to make sure they purchase templates from trustworthy theme developers.
  • The Plug ins you add to be able to use your customized store may slow down the speed of your website. People like a fast website. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load you will be  losing customers.
  • Software updates can be major endeavors which can sometimes require a developer to assist in execution, testing, and troubleshooting.
  • The support forum on WordPress.org is not well maintained. There are a lot of support tickets entered in the last month that have not been responded to by the Automatic support team.
  • GrooveKart alone has a small learning curve but because it comes with an entire suite of services it may be overwhelming to learn them all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which do you prefer WooCommerce or GrooveKart?

Because it is a part of an overall suite of products we prefer GrooveKart, however heads up without all the extra included tools between GrooveKart alone vs. WooCommerce it is Woocommerce.

What Are The FREE Things I Am Getting From Groovekart?

There is a big list of features you are going to for completely FREE from Groovekart:

 One-click import from Shopify store

Drag and drop page builder

✅ Layer app for print on demand products (2–4 day fast shipping)

✅ Private label health and beauty products

✅ Pixel tracking

✅ Retargeting

✅ One click upsells

✅ Simulated coupon finder and spin wheel

✅ Live Chat (for making customer support extremely easy and amazing)

✅ Recent sales pop-ups

✅ Sales and Stock countdown timers

✅ GK Ali connect (alternative for Oberlo app)

✅ Related products

✅ Orderbumps (upsells shown on the checkout page)

✅ Zapier (used for teams and assistants mostly)

✅ MailChimp integration (for email marketing)

✅ Free Domain or you can use your own custom domain

✅ Free Hosting

✅ Free E-commerce training

✅ 24/7 customer support

Is WooCommerce free to use?

WordPress and WooCommerce are free and open source. It’s completely free for anyone to download, use and modify. While the plug in itself is free. With WordPress/WooCommerce you will have domain and hosting costs and may require extra costs for additional add-ons like an e-mail auto responder and integrations with other outside tools.

What is the difference between WordPress and WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress which means you need a WordPress website for which you may have to pay a hosting fee, install the WooCommerce plugin, and then setup the store.

What is the difference between GroovePages and GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is one part of a suite of tools that can be used for your website that you set up on Groovepages. You set up a website on GroovePages and add GrooveKart to it as an e-commerce solution.

Do you need WordPress for WooCommerce?

Yes, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress and does not operate on its own.

What are GrooveKarts Costs?

At Groovekart, these will be your only expenses:

  1. Groovekart subscription fee (monthly, quarterly or yearly or a one time lifetime fee)
  2. Transaction fee (if you are not on platinum plan)
  3. Currency exchange fee (if you are accepting payments in a different currency than of yours)

What Costs Am I Saving Through Groovekart Subscription?

  1. No transaction fees available
  2. No paid themes
  3. No paid apps
  4. No paid page builder

Who Should Not Buy Groovekart?

Although Groovekart is a great new thing in e-commerce if you ask me. But still, it might not be for everyone.

These people should not buy the subscription for this eCommerce platform. This platform is not:

How does GrooveKart compare to Shopify and WooCommerce

Groovekart is specifically designed with WooCommerce and Shopify users in mind. Therefore it tries to provide a better user experience. They have high converting templates, timers, scarcity, social proof, reviews, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, retargeting, analytics, and so much more included.

What are some good WooCommerce Extensions?

One of the great advantages to WooCommerce are the extensions. WooCommerce extensions are add-on plugins that allow website owners to augment the functionality of their online store. There are hundreds of extensions available, which makes it easy to take a basic store and increase the functionality ten fold.

Online stores use a variety of extensions to help increase the basic features and improve overall customer satisfaction. Our top WooCommerce extensions include:

  • AutomateWoo – Sends follow up emails with coupons for theme license renewals.
  • Follow-Up Emails – Sends automated emails for customer on-boarding.
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce – Connects WooCommerce with the Genesis theme framework.
  • LearnDash WooCommerce Integration – Connects WooCommerce with the LearnDash LMS (training) plugin.
  • Web Savvy WooCommerce Bridge – A custom plugin that connects WooCommerce to the Simple:Press forum.
  • WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration – Connects WooCommerce to Google Analytics and allows for more advanced website reports.
  • WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe – Connects WooCommerce to MailChimp to automatically sign users up for our newsletter. This is permission based.
  • WooCommerce Menu Extension – Adds additional menu functionality to the store area of our website.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices – Provides a downloadable or printable invoice for customers.
  • WooCommerce Stripe Gateway – Connects WooCommerce to the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is a very easy to set up credit card processor.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions – This extension is used to set up annual theme licenses and generate recurring income.
  • Yoast WooCommerce SEO – Sends schema data for products to search engines like Bing and Google.


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